Devany | Mount Rainier Senior High School | Tacoma Senior Photographer

A little throwback Thursday of this beautiful senior session.

When Devany showed up for her photoshoot, she brought along her BFF Haley. As soon as I saw these two giggling, I knew we were going to have an awesome session.

We started off, as we always do, with professional makeup artistry. Since we were shooting in Tacoma, to get a city vibe, and at point defiance park, Devany chose a more elegant look for her session. The make up artist, Isabel Boyd, did an incredible job on delivering the look Devany wanted!

When Dev was all glammed up and ready to go, we took advantage of the city. We took some shots by old vintagebuildings, in the middle of the street, dodging cars every 10 seconds just to get that perfect shot😱.
The street shots turned out to be my favorite ones.  Dev’s as well, just because of how symbolic they were. To me, they represented the road ahead. As Dev was about to graduate, she would get on the road that would lead her ahead to a new life and new adventures.

This is the reason why I love photography so much. It's not just a picture, to me, it's a true representation of a person in their life's journey.
My passion lies within senior photography because it gives me a chance to connect with the person. To hear about their dreams, passions, and future endeavors. Being able to represent who they are and who they want to become is what's most important to me in photography.

After downtown Tacoma, we headed to Point Defiance Park. Devany loves to be outside, go hiking and camping so nature portraits were a must. We spent almost 3 hours exploring and would have stayed longer if we weren't starving to death! So we grabbed some delicious burgers from Shake Shake Shake and then chased the sunset. It was freezing, and I mean below zero kind of freezing. Nevertheless, Dev didn't care about the cold. She was a trooper till the end of the shoot.  Definitely an unforgettable way and the perfect selection.