Editorial | Style Inspired by Seattle | Seattle Fashion Photographer

Fun fact, did you know that the grunge era was inspired by the people of Seattle? It's just so fascinating to me, that this sense of fashion sprouted from our little humble city. Back in the early 1900s, Seattle was filled with loggers and fishermen before the tech age took over. Back then the working class didn't have the money to spend on clothing. Everyone thrifted, including all the artist and musicians. 

It was Marc Jacobs who started the β€œgrunge era” and put the fashion industry on its toes. He was inspired by the β€œgrunge” music and how people dressed in Seattle.  When his fashion line went live, there were people who didn't take him seriously and others that though he was a genius. 

As I researched, planned and looked through his work, the question that kept coming to my head is why. Why design something that someone could easily buy at value village? Why go through the hassle and stress when you know people will stand against you?  My answer came to me like a swift fire. Why not?!

This is what I really respect about Marc Jacobs. He didn't let criticism stop his dream and vision to come to life. He didn't play it safe and follow the current of fashion designers, but swam against it. And that my friends is what changed his life and career forever. 

I hope that every senior that I have the honor of photographing, follows in the same mind set. Life is too short, dream big! You will work for the rest of your life, so do what you love! 

On that note :) Enjoy my latest editorial project styled by the amazing Morgan Lillian


Styled by Morgan Lillian | Makeup by Faces by Sable | Senior Rep Models Kat and Kasey