Passion Flower | Full Bloom Project


She looked in the mirror, 
what did she see? 
A woman that's happy, 
peaceful and free.

For the first time in her life, 
she felt in total control. 
Knew she could reach, 
any passionate goal.

She did not forget, 
the path that she took. 
With ups and downs, 
like any good book.

She nodded and smiled, 
as she found her own light. 
Her eyes were wide open, 
with acknowledging delight.

Those around her, 
repeatedly asked how. 
Her answer was simply, 
about acting right now.

She wasn't competing, 
but was rather unique. 
Adventures in life, 
she'd continue to seek.

poem by Rish

Full Bloom

Everyone is an artist. Somewhere deep down, in someway, there is an art form for everyone. Whether it be photography, painting, fashion, dance, writing, makeup, music… or maybe something a little more obscure that people often don’t look at as art; architecture, interior design, even video game design! Whatever it may be, it all works as an outlet for each individual's soul.


When coming up with a concept for a photo shoot with her Senior Reps, Luba wanted to give her girls the freedom to create something on their own. She wanted them to take the guidelines she gave them, yet push the boundaries; think outside of the box, and dive in with a heart of creativity.


She asked her girls to each bring flowers to the photo shoot that they felt best represented who they were as an individual. By doing this experiment, Luba was hoping the girls would go through a process of self-discovery, as they would carefully be selecting flowers while keeping in mind that everything including the color, the species, the shape and size would all be a reflection of their personalty and character. She wanted them to see themselves in a different light; to see themselves for who they believe they are, and not what society tells them they are.


Luba found herself in awe of the results from doing this project, “… this project showed me that each girl values purity and innocence because every girl basically brought in white and stated specifically that that was the intent for the color. What I hope that these girls will walk away with from this project is the understanding that even though each one of them is different, all of them still value and believe that purity and innocence is an important part of their character. Which to me was a beautiful thing to witness as I photographed each girl.”


Through this process, the girls were empowered to be who they truly are. They chose to be vulnerable and to express themselves artistically. In every picture, each girl looks so beautiful in her own unique way. I urge you to take the time to look through these portraits, can you sense their personality? Do you see the raw and wonderful vulnerability each girl shows? This is the kind of light that every girl should be able to see herself in. Wrapped in beauty and self love, rather than the condescending voices of the world. We hope that this project has inspired the girls to start seeing themselves for who they truly are, pure, innocent, bold, confident, soft spoken, whatever it may be, just as we hope it inspires you, the readers, to reflect on who you truly are, versus what the world has forced you to believe. Who are you truly? What would being vulnerable look like for you? What flower represents who you are?


by Tawny Smith, Copywriter